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Accredited Lab is a center of IRAN standard  national Organization of Meyargran company. The main activity of the laboratory, the International Standards on a variety of lighting the lamp control loadersSpare

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Technical Consulting

By taking the advantage of having the advanced knowledge of technical standards in field of standard emphasizing on highly qualified and experienced senior management in the areas of standards...

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Meyargran activities of the company, according to the certificate authority that has received national standards body, in the fields Lighting & Lamp control, fulfill the following requirements:

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Meyargaran Services

MeyargaranJahan was founded in 2004 . The electronic laboratory and customer service division are located in Ekbatan Town, Tehran Iran. Meyargaran Jahan  is a leading and active company  in the field of quality management system implementation, laboratory services and equipment design/provision for laboratories and training for standards promotion. technical consulting in the field of domestic production and imports of goods are two recent areas that Meyargaran jahan is active.

In 2011 the company was qualified to receive accredited certification (T/2458) on behalf of Iranian National Standards Organization as a first independent laboratory in the frame work of, luminaries  products and lamp control gear. Meyargaran Jahan plays a significant role in the field of safety standards.


IN 2012 ,by implementation of laboratory management quality system, according to ISO/IEC 17025,the company could reach the final level  of assessment by national accreditation center of Iran.

This service facilitates enhancement in the quality of import industry, accessibility to laboratory facilities with the aim of advancement of domestic manufacturing industries and Parallelization with scientific and academic centers to boost the scientific level of graduates and finally Optimization in  cooperation with regulatory  supervision organization.

The objectives of the development of the company is to obtain inspection certification of goods and services as an international unit that will be achieved in the near future.


Educational Services:

Besides provision of engineering and technical services in the field of laboratory related tests, Meyargaran Jahan has training programs for managers in the area of quality control, product standards and implementation of quality management systems. The final goal f our training program is providing the latest management discoveries for reducing the costs and increasing the efficiency of manufactories. In general, our program provides practical solutions for product optimization.

Technical advice:

By taking the advantage of having the advanced knowledge of technical standards in field of standard emphasizing on highly qualified and experienced senior management in the areas of standards, based on legal and  rightful License certificate degree of standard, the technical section of Meyargaran Jahan is ready to offer services in the following fields:

➢ Design and equipping standard laboratory at  manufactories and related organizations.  

➢ Recommending useful advices for  implementation of standards at manufactories and providing the guideline for procedures formation of Working Group to obtain license of standard  application.

➢ Consulting services in standpoint  of standards to facilitate the import of goods. 


➢Consulting the establishment of quality systems in manufacturing and services units. 


➢ Consulting in the field of  codification of national and international standards and also standards for self-reported  in the factories. 


➢ Technical advice to enhance efficiency and productivity manufacturing approach for enhancement of quality and cost reduction .


➢ Consulting services in the field of conformity assessment of manufactories


Standards Codification 


According to the permission from national standards organization for issuance of certifications  despite experienced  experts, Meyargaran Jahan has had the license to prepare national standards. During the last three decades , the company has codified over 500 standard and manual in various areas. Considering our motto, with inviting master of standards, professionals and performance related organizations, we are ready to offer services in the form of workgroups.

Headlines Laboratory Services


➢safety and performance tests of various LED lightings 


➢ Degree of protection IP Equipments


➢Household Safety 


➢safety requirements of Lamp control gear (types of ballasts and drivers) 


➢  General Purpose Interior Lighting lamps (incandescent, fluorescent, halogen ,self-ballast lamp) commercial and industrial purposes (sodium vapor, mercury vapor, metal halide) lamps for road vehicles 


➢safety of information technology equipment IT 


➢  safety requirements of Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus  



➢ Criterion energy consumption labeling

Meyargaran Jahan

Meyargaran jahan company  was found  in 2004. We have consulting& sales & testing  services for our customers. Meyargaran jahan  has  been authenticated by the The Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran ( the Iranian governmental institution for standardization and certification).


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